About Us

JN International FZE-LLC is a team of highly skilled professionals with rich experience spanning in global trading of PETROCHEMICALS, TEXTILE PRODUCTS, CHEMICALS, AND ENGINEERING PLASTIC. JN International FZE-LLC, since its incorporation, has envisaged this excellence with inspiration, experience, and support from its long-term business partners. With major support from exporters and suppliers of high-quality textile yarns, chemicals, and polymers, along with other products, we have seen considerable growth, and we have mastered appropriate skills through hard work and constant research, resulting in satisfaction and transparent business in the global market.

JN International FZE-LLC's primary mission is to provide transparency and superior quality of products as per customers' requirements and specifications, along with competitive offers. With customers from all over the world, across all continents, most notably from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and European nations, we have established strong relationships with various companies and production houses, making us a trustworthy and dependable company. We are a global network of opportunities, providing products ranging from PETROCHEMICALS (PTA, PP, PVC), TEXTILE PRODUCTS (Polyester Yarn, Nylon Yarn, Pet Chips), CHEMICALS (Citric Acid, Activated Carbon), and Engineering Plastics (GPPS, PBT), among many others.

Moreover, our client-centric services have helped us win the goodwill of a huge number of satisfied customers in the international market. Our motto is to offer maximum satisfaction to our clients through our quality products and innovative services. We are committed to providing customized products to our clients to suit their varied requirements. Our team is always working to find new innovations to give our customers new opportunities in their field.

JN International FZE-LLC focuses majorly on the quality and requirements of buyers and suppliers, the channel of distribution, markets, cost-effective dealings, and the integration of exchange mechanisms with trade.

This industry has a lot of dynamism, yet we have achieved excellence with the help of a professional team, extensive knowledge and contacts, and in-depth analysis of the market. We have a well-connected network of suppliers from China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Malaysia. We also have a sales network in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, India, and other European nations. We are equipped with an extensive range of products like PETROCHEMICALS (PTA, PP, PVC), TEXTILE PRODUCTS (Polyester Yarn, Nylon Yarn, Pet Chips), CHEMICALS (Citric Acid, Activated Carbon), and Engineering Plastics (GPPS, PBT).

Moreover, we have a strong purchase and supply chain that makes JN International FZE-LLC the best choice in the market for cost-effective prices, superior quality, and timely delivery. Regular shipments have resulted in a strong bond with service providers, buyers, and associated suppliers. We also have long-term contracts with the majority of our valued buyers, who prefer our services because of the quality and price that we provide.